Message From the Director Research Support & Dissemination


Dr. Munene Laiboni

The academy has two main roles: To generate knowledge through research & Innovation and to disseminate it through teaching & outreach. For the longest time, higher education institutions have focussed almost exclusively on dissemination of existing knowledge without due regard to generation of new knowledge. However, the environment in which mankind exists is dynamic and thus any person who has the notion that knowledge is static will be stuck with obsolete information before it is too long. Knowledge is like an eternal draft being painted in the canvas of space-time. Each time it seems complete, new additional features are added to it in perpetuity.

Despite having the option of going down the well-trodden path of focussing on dissemination of existing knowledge, At KCA University we have made a conscious decision of taking the high road of keenness on generation of new knowledge as well.

In modern history, never has there been a more urgent need to focus on research, innovation and outreach than in the current period. There has been a resurgence of pandemics, akin to those of the Middle Ages, and for which mankind, has no option but to innovate a remedy in record time. Similarly, the planet we call home is facing its warmest periods since the last glacial maximum. In order to assure future existence on earth for himself and his posterity, man will have to innovate a solution to the ranging climate crisis.

At the Directorate of Research Support and Dissemination, our main role is to provide all the necessary support to our faculty and staff so that they can excel in their research ventures. This directorate is home to an end-to-end research support system which supplements the intrinsic talents of our research community and frees them to focus on core areas of their research endeavours. Deepening of technical capacity is absolutely necessary. On this, we usually have a calendar of training and development events for the entire academic year. In so doing, we aim to develop our faculty into quality, well rounded researchers who are ready to help in solving the preeminent challenges facing human societies today.

Our doors are always open for consultation on any research related matters, including proposal development, research design, and team formation to students and faculty of KCA University. With tenacity, grit, and determination, together we will attain the research, innovation and outreach agenda of KCA University.

Dr. Munene Laiboni,
Ag. Director, Directorate of Research Support and Dissemination.