Mandate & Core Values

Core Mandates

  • Create a culture of high research and innovation achievements
  • Promote ethical conduct of research and innovation
  • Enhance researcher and innovator’s abilities to obtain and manage grants
  • Invest in promising research, researchers, innovations and innovators
  • Develop strong relationships with sponsors, partners and collaborators
  • Support strong infrastructure for interdisciplinary research

Core Values

  • Excellence – being and doing the best
  • Integrity – carry out research with honesty, ethics and openness
  • Accountability – take responsibility and accounting for every action and resources
  • Diversity and Inclusion – no discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, gender, social, economic or religious backgrounds
  • Innovation – seek new ways of creating, sharing and applying knowledge; and continuous learning and improvement
  • Commitment – committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our students, faculty, alumni and partners
  • Service to the Community – interact with the community and participate in the development and implementation of solutions to community opportunities and problems
  • Recognition and support of individual talents – support individuals to make their own contributions